Where to?

For orders within the Brighton area pick this option for home delivery.

  1. Put the name of the person the order is for here.

  1. If there is anything important we need to know about delivery, please let us know here. We'll remember this for your next order. You can leave notes about what is in your order later in the checkout

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  1. Please select this option if you would like to collect your pre-packed and processed order from Brighton Grocer.

    Orders currently must be placed by 9pm the night before for next day pick up. Certain windows have a maximum quantity of orders allowed to ensure we can provide your shopping on time. Once the limit is reached this window will be unavailable.

    112 Were Street, Brighton
    Phone: 03 9592 1928


  2. Choose this if ordering a care pack only.  You do NOT need to pick this up instore as it will be delivered on your behalf to those communities in need.

    If ordering other items for yourself, please choose your regular delivery method and we will organise the care pack on your behalf.

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Untill further notice our delivery and pick up service will NOT be available on Friday's.

Our delivery and pick up service will be available Monday-Thursday ONLY.

we apologise for any inconvenience.

Thankyou Kindly
Brighton Grocer Staff