Igniting Change and Brighton Grocer

The Reddrop Group together with Igniting Change are delivering essential food items to local communities experiencing severe hardship due to Covid-19.

Right now in Victoria and NSW, communities are facing unimaginable circumstances due to extended lockdowns and Covid-19 outbreaks. The Reddrop Group, together with Igniting Change, are committed to supporting these communities by delivering essential food items to them weekly. Every cent you spend goes towards the pack. There are no overheads or administration costs. Simply buy the pack and we will deliver on your behalf.

The pack can be added to your normal shop and we will organise delivery. If ordering the pack on its own, at checkout please choose the option of Pick Up and Igniting Change.


2x 1kg Medium Grain Rice, 2x 500gm Spaghetti, 2x Cans of Tomatoes, 2x Cans of Tuna, Vegetable Oil, Plain Flour, Milk, Weet-Bix


Igniting Change Care Pack - Buy Here


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Untill further notice our delivery and pick up service will NOT be available on Friday's.

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